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FRAUD .. I NEVER used this company. One way they are getting away with it for so long at least with me is they start off charging 11.95 as AP9 Shoppingness. Then they went to 13.95 for 6 months then 15.95 for almost a year as MVQ*shoppingness, then went to 18.95 for a while then 21.95 as MVQ*SHOPESSPLUS. NOW THEY OWE ME 849.35. Since I used my check card so much I managed to over look the charges I am sorry to say. I had never heard of this company or companies so I had to call my bank to get the number attached to it.

So I called and I also was told by the rep that they received my information when I bought something from pyramid collections after I told him that I had never bought anything from his company. This needs to be handled ASAP or the next step is a lawyer along with BBB and fraud alerts as many as I can.

Monetary Loss: $849.

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